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  • Genuine Original Danfoss 3 Thermostat Kit for Refrigerators with Automatic Defrost with 1.6m Capillary (077B7003)
Genuine Original Danfoss 3 Thermostat Kit for Refrigerators with Automatic Defrost with 1.6m Capillary (077B7003)
Trade Stock Code: 53-DF-03
  • Classification: Original
  • Pack Quantity: 1
  • For Brand: Danfoss
  • Product Type: Thermostats, TOCs & Probes
  • Appliance Type: Fridge - Freezer
How to Buy this Product

Paxanpax believes it should be easy for you to solve your day-to-day problems with your household appliance. We believe repairing should always be the first choice when an appliance breaks down.

Our products are not available to buy directly from Paxanpax and are only available through our trusted business reseller partners.

Please contact your preferred online or high-street retailer of spare parts or accessories, or your local service engineer and request this part number: 53-DF-03

More about this product

Universal for two door fridge freezers with an automatic defrost

This is a genuine original product made and supplied by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). In order to maintain a valid warranty it is recommended to always use genuine original products. Genuine original products are specifically manufactured to increase the performance, functionality and life-span of your machine.

Our Engineering Tomorrow mindset dates back to September 1, 1933, when Mads Clausen founded Danfoss in his parents’ farmhouse in Nordborg, Denmark. Since then, the business has grown from a solo enterprise into one of the world’s leading suppliers of energy-efficient and innovative solutions, employing a staff of more than 22,000 and with sales in more than 100 countries. Gaining an early footing on emerging markets and having a clear focus on innovative products for customers are part of the reason for this success.

Capillary 1200mm, Warm - +3°C in -13°C out. Cold - +3°C in -26°C out Equivalent Codes: W4, Ranco VT9, Danfoss No.3, ATEA C3-1000 & A13-1000

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