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  • Universal Paxanpax Refrigeration Range Complete Retail Display Stand
Universal Paxanpax Refrigeration Range Complete Retail Display Stand
Quick Buy Code: RDI053
Trade Stock Code: 56-AM-53
  • Classification: Original
  • For Brand: Universal
  • Product Type: Publicity Materials
  • Appliance Type: Publicity & Promotional
How to Buy this Product

Paxanpax believes it should be easy for you to solve your day-to-day problems with your household appliance. We believe repairing should always be the first choice when an appliance breaks down.

Our products are not available to buy directly from Paxanpax and are only available through our trusted business reseller partners.

Please contact your preferred online or high-street retailer of spare parts or accessories, or your local service engineer and request this part number: 56-AM-53

More about this product

This product is manufactured and designed to be compatible or used with appliances, or for selected commercial/domestic applications.

This is a genuine original product made and supplied by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). In order to maintain a valid warranty it is recommended to always use genuine original products. Genuine original products are specifically manufactured to increase the performance, functionality and life-span of your machine.

Universal products can be used for many makes and models of machine providing it matches the product type and specification. We stock and supply a wide range of universal spare parts, consumables and accessories.

Please note that this item is not covered buy our usual same-day dispatch promise, and will be dispatched 2-3 working days after your order.

Paxanpax’s products can help you repair and maintain your appliances and electrical goods. We strive to make repairing appliances a much more sustainable option to disposal, by keeping the prices of spare parts as low as possible.

Through our ‘It’s Right To Repair’ consumer initiative we try to highlight sustainability, efficiency and waste-reduction in domestic and commercial appliances, and to promote the link between repairing appliances and protecting our natural environment with the help of Paxanpax products.

You can learn more about why ‘It’s Right To Repair’ by visiting our sister site here.