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High quality, affordable spares for domestic and commercial appliances.

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Paxanpax is the brand name for a range of high quality, affordable spare parts and accessories for domestic appliances. On this website you can find everything you need to know about Paxanpax: who we are, what we do, how you can keep your appliance running for longer and why it is always ‘right to repair’.

Product Categories

Our vast range of products is easily recognisable thanks to our colour coded product packaging. Each category is produced using its own personal colour keeping your instore displays organised attractive and giving you the best possible chance of a sale.

"Delivering the highest quality products at a price that is hard to beat"

Commercial and domestic appliance spares


Manufactured to the equivalent specification or better of the genuine parts. You can rest assured that the part you receive will surpass your expectations.


Available at just a fraction of the genuine parts price. Paxanpax products can save you money while still delivering the same level of performance that you are accustomed to.


We have been manufacturing parts for the applinace industry for over 60 years and bring all that experience together to manufacture the highest quality spares.

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