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It's Right to Repair

A key element of Paxanpax’s strategy is to keep appliances running for longer. We passionately believe that the ability to repair and not replace an appliance is the duty and responsibility of all appliance manufacturers, and Paxanpax products support the end-user in making that choice easy and affordable. We believe it’s always right to repair, and for that reason we have developed the ‘It’s Right to Repair’ project to give advice and guidance on how to keep your appliance performing at its best.

We have created a site to help guide you through the environmental factors when deciding to repair or replace. You will find lots of information relating to the domestic appliance markets and the waste involve together with the energy consumption used by various products and how you can help to reduce the impact of our environment. There is some great guides on the new energy labels that are shown for appliances available in the European Union.

The aim of the 'It's Right To Repair' website is to promote the link between repairing appliances and protecting our natural environment. The information is aimed to help reduce our impact on our environment and help you to make informed decisions. This link may seem far removed but through repairing and maintaining your appliances instead of disposing them, the burden on the environment is greatly reduced. This reduces the pollution from hazardous substances seeping into the ground, less energy used to repurpose the raw materials and less of our countryside is used for waste disposal. All of these actions can help us to maintain a lower carbon footprint and we can all enjoy a healthier, greener environment.