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What is Paxanpax?

Paxanpax is the brand name for premium quality spare parts and accessories for domestic and commercial appliances from Maddocks

Who are Maddocks? Maddocks is a UK-based wholesale distribution company specialising in the supply of spare parts for electric domestic appliances.

Maddocks is a family-owned and run company - from our beginnings as a service company engaged in the repair of household appliances to the wholesale distribution company we are today, we´ve never lost sight of our customers’ needs. Our 60 years of experience comes in handy, and because we´ve probably seen or done it before our customers can be sure they'll get the best and most comprehensive service from a company that´s committed to delivering quality and distinction. You can learn more about Maddocks at www.htmaddocks.co.uk

Maddocks developed the Paxanpax brand to offer the appliance after-service market a fantastic, high-quality range of affordable parts and accessories to keep people’s appliances happy and running for longer! Paxanpax products are designed to last, and when you buy one you are helping to support and promote a fix and repair culture, rather than a throwaway one.