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Paxanpax for End Users

Paxanpax believes it should be easy for the consumer to solve those day-to-day problems with their household appliance. Paxanpax wants to inspire and educate consumers in how they can easily maintain or replace broken components and save on new equipment. We believe repairing should always be the first choice when an appliance breaks down.

Paxanpax products are not available to buy directly from Paxanpax and are only available through business re-sellers. Please ask your local retailer of spare parts or accessories, or look online for products featuring the distinctive Paxanpax packaging.

  • Does your preferred retailer support the ‘right to repair’ movement?
  • Do they offer a range of parts and accessories that recognise the environmental, sustainable and ethical importance of repair?
  • Do they offer a range of parts and accessories that support British jobs and British innovation?

If not, they should!

Paxanpax offers this. If your usual retailer does not currently stock Paxanpax products then direct them to www.htmaddocks.co.uk where they can register their interest in stocking the range, or let us know and we can contact them to introduce them to the range..